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Why you need firearms training

So you just bought a shiny new gun. The friendly guy behind the counter helped you pick one out that fits your hand perfectly. You already kind of knew what you wanted based on internet research, and this gun ticks all the boxes of what you were looking for. You bought some accessories for it, too--all suggested by your friendly gun store associate, of course. You have a holster, a cleaning kit, a snazzy new case, and several boxes of ammo.

Now what?

Guns, like cars, chainsaws, and other complex and potentially deadly machines, require sufficient training to use safely and properly. No one is born innately knowing how to load, unload, field strip, clean, reassemble, shoot, and safely store a Glock. Without the proper training, your new defensive investment is nothing more than a potentially lethal liability.

The two most common causes of shooting accidents are ignorance and carelessness. If you're reading this blog post, it's probably because you somehow found your way to the Mountain Rose Defensive Training website. This makes you more likely than most to be the kind of person who understands the need for formal gun training, and who is unlikely to be completely careless with a gun. However, until you acquire that formal training, your ignorance of firearms safety and handling could cost you dearly.

At Mountain Rose, we're on a mission to turn novice gun owners into seasoned, safe shooters. Your newfound understanding of the mechanics of your gun, the way the firearm cycles, the purpose of each component of the gun and how your ammunition transforms from a whole cartridge to a fired bullet, empty casing, and puff of gun smoke, will give you the confidence necessary to handle and use your gun with mindfulness and respect. The sheer joy of shooting well may turn you into an avid Second Amendment supporter and lover of the shooting sports. Whatever the end result of your training, if you leave our classroom and range a safer and more knowledgeable shooter than you entered them, we'll be satisfied that we've done our job.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for our upcoming classes at Mountain Rose Defensive Training today.

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