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Professor Charles K. Smith of San Antonio College wore a helmet and tactical vest to class because s

Charles K. Smith, community college professor who is really scared of law-abiding gun owners

Today's dose of toe-curling cringe is brought to you by a community college professor in Texas, one Charles K. Smith. Professor Smith is very worried about his personal safety now that students at his school, San Antonio College, are allowed to carry concealed firearms on campus. Thanks to SB11, a law signed by Governor Abbott two years ago to allow students to exercise all of their constitutional rights on campus, students at the school of 25,000 are now able to legally protect themselves from violence both in and out of the classroom.

The picture above is real. This is a real picture of a real person who teaches at a real school, in Texas no less. This person is so scared of law-abiding gun owners that he's decked out in what is essentially a generic "Army Man" Halloween costume, one that would do little or nothing to protect him from an actual gunshot, and is being rightly roasted in the comments on Facebook (click the photo to read them).

Part of me wonders what Professor Smith thinks is different about his classroom and campus versus the entire rest of the free areas of the United States, where law-abiding Americans can and do carry concealed firearms on a daily basis. Is he not aware that the little old granny sitting next to him at Whataburger is as likely to be packing as the tattooed biker guy a few tables away? This is Texas we're talking about, after all--but it's far from the only gun-loving state. Here in Georgia, many people carry concealed. And much of the time, a hoplophobe would never guess that we're "the type" to have a gun.

Another part of me wonders how and why anyone should entrust their education to someone who thought this would a.) make a coherent statement about the "dangers" of private gun ownership and b.) not look patently ridiculous when photographs of his getup were inevitably posted on social media. Should an educator this out of touch with life in America really be teaching anyone anything? Is he not from around here, or is he so sheltered that he somehow reached adulthood in the Lone Star State without understanding how prevalent and important the gun culture is to Texans? Baffling.

In any case, some astute commentators quickly pointed out that the vest might protect him from grenade shrapnel but would do nothing to stop a bullet since it clearly lacks ballistic plates, and the helmet wouldn't be much help either. Also, he looks exactly like the General.

Remember, kids: when you're arguing with someone on the internet about whether a free people should be allowed to carry firearms for self-defense, this is the kind of genius you're up against. It would be funny if they weren't so stubbornly determined to rob of us our basic human right to self-defense.