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Mountain Rose Defensive Training is now offering NRA Basic Rifle courses!

Abigail Summar is an NRA Certified Instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer at Mountain Rose Defensive Training one hour north of Atlanta, GA.

Did you inherit Pa-Paw's trusty old varmint gun but have no idea how to use it? Did you finally give in to temptation and buy a shiny new AR-15 but aren't totally comfortable with your shooting fundamentals and can't seem to hit your targets every time? Are you just looking to add more formal gun training to your growing collection of certificates?

Mountain Rose Defensive Training is proud to offer NRA Basic Rifle, the gold standard of basic rifle training in the United States. This class teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to safely handle, store, load, unload, fire, and clean a rifle. You will also learn gun anatomy and nomenclature, action types, ammunition selection, and more.

Looking forward to training with y'all!