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Abigail Summar is a mother and musician who happens to love guns.

An avid shooting enthusiast and student herself, she saw a need for friendly firearms instruction in her area and founded Mountain Rose Defensive Training in 2017. Certified as an instructor by Rangemaster, NRA, and USCCA, Abigail is also an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer who previously served as a patrol officer and then detective for a city police agency near Atlanta. As a police officer, Abigail participated in ongoing in-service training in firearms, defensive tactics, chemical and electric weapons, deadly force law, tactical combat casualty care, situational awareness, deescalation techniques, and pre-fight indicators.

She has trained with respected instructors such as Tom and Lynn Givens (Rangemaster), Brian Hill (Rangemaster, The Complete Combatant), Claude Werner (The Tactical Professor), John Lovell (Warrior Poet Society), Chuck Haggard (Agile Training & Consulting), Lee Weems (First Person Safety), and the late Mike Benedict (Talon Tactical, IDPA).

Her complete training resume is available upon request.

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