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See what people are saying about Mountain Rose Defensive Training

Shooting Practice


"I would like to recommend Mountain Rose Defensive Training to anyone who wants to learn more than just the basics, more about real safety and the real issues that happen. Abigail's knowledge is far beyond that of a basic instructor and you are guaranteed to have a wonderful learning experience! Thanks Abigail for a fun day and for sharpening my shooting skills and knowledge!"


"Amazing first lesson with Abigail Summar. She was great to work with. Provided some tips to help my aim and improve my gun safety. Looking forward to another lesson in the future. Highly recommend her. Thank you!!"

Shooting Targets
Shooting Target


"The instructor was Abigail Summar and she is terrific. She makes the class interesting and very informative. We had a fun time while learning a lot about guns and safety. She also has patience when you are on the gun range learning to load and shoot a gun. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to any beginner."


"Abigail, you are the best shooting instructor EVER. I learned so much at my 2 hour lesson with you...I am so glad that you could work me into your schedule so quickly!"

Handgun and  Ammunition


"AMAZING! This private group lesson was the most informative, fun and safety oriented experience ever! We are looking forward to our next training session soon!"


"It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot! Thank you for investing your time and knowledge in us!...Excellent class with an excellent trainer! Anyone who owns a gun or is thinking of buying one and has not yet taken a basic pistol class should definitely sign up asap!"

Image by Timothy Dykes
Image by Jay Rembert


"This was a day very well spent. I highly recommend this class to any responsible gun owner, no matter how much you know or think you know about gun safety and use. It was worth every minute and every penny. Abigail is an excellent instructor, and I'll be back for more classes."


"It was awesome, Abigail Summar. You're an excellent instructor!"

Image by Maxim Potkin
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